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How To Save Money With Radiator Repair?


How To Save Money With Radiator Repair?


A radiator is one of the important parts of a vehicle and must be maintained regularly. A car radiator mainly removes the excess heat from the coolant of the engine. Before reaching the engine of a car, the hot coolant passes through a radiator where it is being cooled down. As a result, the car engine is receiving the cool coolant. In the absence of radiator, the coolant will remain heated as it is and will make the engine excessive hot in turn.

Any car engine produces heat when it is actively running. This excessive heat is bad for the engine and must be removed for car’s good. The radiator’s job is to remove this excess heat. So, a car radiator repair is very important.

The radiator of your car works silently to keep your vehicle functional, no matter how small it is, it plays an important role. When the radiator becomes dysfunctional, the temperature of the engine rapidly and is very bad for other parts of the car as well. This can even decrease the lifespan of an engine to a huge extent. Because of these reasons, it is very important that you know and recognizes some common radiator issues and the cause of these problems. By having this knowledge, you will know what to do in case of which radiator situation: whether the problem is small enough to take the matter into your own hands or the problem is quite complex to call a mechanic for it.

The radiator of your car goes through a lot of jolts, vibrations, thermal expansions and corrosions. It has to withstand heat swings, pressure build-ups and what not. So damage to your car radiator with time is a quite normal issue.


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What are the causes of radiator damage?


One of the leading causes of radiator damage is radiator leak.

It might happen suddenly when you are in the middle of the road. As a result, your car will suffer overheating problems. Driving your car in such a condition is quite unwise. The radiator of your car has to take up a huge amount of heat to cool it off. To keep up the performance of your car, you must make sure that your car radiator is in good condition.

If your car overheats, then many other parts of your car other than the engine might get damaged like the gasket, thermostat etc. It’s necessary to know the importance of your car radiator and fix it immediately no matter how small the leakage is and even if there is no problem with it right now you must maintain it to keep it in a good condition.

To avoid these problems beforehand service your car regularly. Check the level of the radiator and the coolant strength while servicing your car. Mechanics are also supposed to check for radiator leaks whenever they receive a car for some repair work or servicing. Fortunately, there are various products available that prevent radiator leakage. These products are usually liquid is state and after pouring the product; it will leak the radiator in no time. This way of repairing radiator leakage is hassle free and takes less time.




Another thing that might affect your car radiator heavily that is rust. Rust not only affects the body of the car, but also the internal parts. Oxidation mainly happens in those parts where any sort of liquid resides. A radiator with rust on it will overheat more frequently and it will become a headache for you. If your coolant appears to be brownish then it means, there are rusts inside the radiator. What’s worse, rust can cause small holes in your radiator which will eventually lead to radiator leakage. Rust in car radiator is inevitable in those areas where it rains or snows frequently.



Radiator overheating is a major issue in car problems. Whenever the display of the car shows high temperature, check the tank that contains coolant. It is very dangerous to drive a car with hot engine. An overheated car doesn’t always mean that there is a problem with the radiator it might also be related to other parts, but it can be one of the issues.


Depositions of dust and minerals:

Although the radiator is present in the interior of the engine of a car, lots of slimes can deposit in there with time and affect the performance of the radiator. If it is not checked and cleaned with time, then prolonged deposition will prevent the coolant flow and will lead to overheated radiator and engine.


Dysfunctional radiator fan:

The radiators of the modern vehicles consist of electric fans that will pull air through the radiator and keep your car engine cool. Although if your car is being driven for quite a sometime then it will get heated slightly. This is for situations when your car is not running presently or when it is running at slow speed or for running for a short time. If your car overheats while driving at slow speed and is fine while driving at high speed, then you have a faulty radiator fan. A faulty radiator fan will eventually lead to overheated engine and might damage the functioning of your car.


Coolant leakage:

Coolant plays an important role to prevent engine overheating. So it is necessary to check the coolant level every now and then. Of course, the coolant level with go down with time, but if the coolant level depletes suddenly then that is not good. It indicates that there is some leakage in the coolant tank and must be fixed by professional mechanics immediately. Otherwise, it might lead to engine overheating as well.


Faulty water pump:

There is a dedicated water pump with all radiators which pushes the coolant around the engine to cool the engine down in case of overheating. Not only coolant, but water also moves through the radiator and is sent back to the radiator after sending to the engine. If this water pump is faulty then the water or coolant circulation will be disrupted and will lead to overheating. This problem also calls for a car radiator repair.


Dysfunctional thermostat:

Faulty or dysfunctional thermostats might also lead to engine overheating problems. Although a thermostat is not a part of the radiator but it is a kind of a valve that controls the coolant flow. In turn, it helps the engine to maintain a certain temperature. So a faulty thermostat is the last thing you want.


How to prevent rust inside a radiator?

To prevent rust in your radiator, flush the coolant after driving every 20,000 miles. Do not ignore loose hoses and clamps. Small holes can create huge problems in your car as well. Regularly visit the mechanic who will check the coolant and the radiator for any rusts, corrosions, or holes of any kind.


How to prevent the decomposition of debris inside a car radiator?

Installing an inhibitor to your system can be of huge advantage. An inhibitor prevents the water passing through the radiator to react with other components which in turn produces sludge and debris. This process also prevents rusts.

Installing an in-line magnetic filter might also help to diminish the rust and debris accumulated in your radiator. When you give your car for servicing, the mechanic will flush the filter to clear the rusts and debris it has collected and installed it again so that it can keep collecting the debris thus formed. These precautions help you to maintain a radiator in perfect condition and will reduce the chances of your car getting overheated.


How to repair a radiator leakage?

You can turn around the water shut off valve if you notice any radiator. This very valve controls the hot water flow through the radiator. After shutting off the valve, look for a horizontal nut at the base of the valve. Tighten that nut with a suitable wrench to stop the leakage.


How to fix a thermostat present in a radiator?

There is a thermostatic radiator valve right beside the water shut off valve. A thermostat controls the temperature of the water flow and the overall temperature of the engine with respect to the outside temperature. If this part is broken or has become dysfunctional somehow, then it will lead to overheating problems. If somehow this thermostat has not been operated for months and after that the vehicle is again started, then the thermostat might not start working instantly. You can use some lubricant to make sure the thermostat starts working smoothly again.


Where does radiator leakage normally takes place?

  1. The central part of the radiator: Usually the core of the radiator is made up of aluminum. Any metal of this kind is bound to corrode with time due to jolts, vibrations, thermal expansion and so on. So a radiator cannot stay in a well-functioning state after prolonged usage. This eventually leads to radiator leakage.
  2. Radiator tanks: If the radiator tanks containing coolant gets cracked somehow due to prolonged usage then coolant might seep through these cracks. This will evidently lead to radiator leakage and is quite tricky to fix. If something like this happens then it is advisable to contact a professional mechanic.
  3. Other radiator parts: Even the hoses, pipes and the neck of the radiator can cause leakage. The hoses are usually made up of rubber which might dry up and get cracked. This problem is even more prominent in older cars. Clamps and clips holding together many small parts might wear out with time due to corrosion and can cause leakage. Even the radiator cap is capable of causing leakage if the spring gets loose somehow.

Before going out for a drive, always check the radiator tank and coolant leaks. Sometimes coolant can erupt from a crack and can cause injury because it can be hot at the time. So you need to be careful while checking for coolant leakage.

Do not ignore any kind of leakage no matter how small it seems. This small hole will widen with time and will increase your problem. No one wants to get stranded in the middle of nowhere. When the damage is major then there is no other option other than replacing the faulty radiator with a new one.


What is the cost estimation of repairing or replacing a car radiator?

Needless to say, replacing a radiator will cost more than repairing it. In order to decide whether you want to repair or replace it, the diagnosis of the radiator problem is important. If you are not so good in diagnosing car problems, it is always advisable to contact a professional mechanic who will tell you what is exactly the problem and give you an estimate of your expenditure.

Your car radiator problems might depend upon the model and the age of your car. It also depends upon the usage of your car. The cost estimate is around $600 on an average if you are replacing your radiator. If the radiator of your car is beyond repair, then standard radiator replacement cost starts from roughly around $300 and can go up till $1200 including costs for spare parts and labor. The cost will solely depend upon the car model and how complex the problem is.


Let us the check the cost estimation of some car models in US:

The cost estimate of Toyota FJ cruiser is as follows:

  • Cost of spare parts: $311.73.
  • Cost of labor: $126.00.
  • Total cost estimate: $438.

The cost estimate of Mitsubishi Lancer is as follows:

  • Cost of spare parts: $228.64.
  • Cost of labor: $77.00.
  • Total cost estimate: $306.

The cost estimate of Ford F-series is as follows:

  • Cost of spare parts: $315-$400
  • Cost of labor: $400-$800.
  • Total cost estimate: $715-$1200.

The cost estimate of Chevrolet Silveredo is as follows:

  • Cost of spare parts: $140-$180.
  • Cost of labor: $500-$920.
  • Total cost estimate: $640-$1100.

The cost estimate of Toyota Corolla is as follows:

  • Cost of spare parts: $90-$110.
  • Cost of labor: $200-$520.
  • Total cost estimate: $290-$630.

The cost estimate of Nissan Altima is as follows:

  • Cost of spare parts: $230-$290.
  • Cost of labor: $420-$550.
  • Total cost estimate: $650-$840.

The cost estimate of Honda CR-V is as follows:

  • Cost of spare parts: $190-$240
  • Cost of labor: $270-$530.
  • Total cost estimate: $460-$770.

The cost estimate of Honda Civic is as follows:

  • Cost of spare parts: $170-$220.
  • Cost of labor: $270-$340.
  • Total cost estimate: $440-$560.

The cost estimate of Honda Accord is as follows:

  • Cost of spare parts: $170-$220.
  • Cost of labor: $260-$360.
  • Total cost estimate: $430-$580.

The cost estimate of Ford Fusion is as follows:

  • Cost of spare parts: $170-$220.
  • Cost of labor: $360-$670.
  • Total cost estimate: $530-$890.

The cost estimate of Toyota Camry is as follows:

  • Cost of spare parts: $250-$310.
  • Cost of labor: $300-$600.
  • Total cost estimate: $550-$910.

The cost estimate of Ford Focus is as follows:

  • Cost of spare parts: $110-$140.
  • Cost of labor: $180-$330.
  • Total cost estimate: $290-$470.


How often your car radiator does need to be replaced?

The time gap between two radiator replacements of a car depends upon the usage pattern and maintenance of the car. It also depends upon how old your car model is. On an average, it has been seen that radiators need to be replaced per 8000 miles.


Will you be able to drive your car with radiator issues?

A car having a faulty radiator can affect other mechanisms of your car heavily. If you ignore your radiator problems then with prolonged usage, it might damage the interior thermostat, the amount of coolant might decrease drastically, and rapid overheating of your engine might occur. Long story short, it will only worsen the situation of your car problems. It is advisable to take immediate actions in case of a troubled radiator instead of ignoring it.


Is it plausible to replace the radiator of your car by yourself?

Being able to change your car radiator by yourself can save you lots of time and money. But before you do that you need to analyze the complexity of your car issue. If you are not experienced enough then fixing your radiator based upon some assumptions can be even more dangerous and damaging for your car. It might lead you to invest even more money to fix what you did! Before repairing or replacing your car radiator, make sure you know what you are doing. You can watch some tutorials online regarding radiator repair to widen your knowledge. If things appear to be confusing to you do not hesitate to call a professional before you make a mess.


What are the advantages?

Besides an overheated and damaged engine, repairing your car radiator on time has numerous benefits:

  1. Replacing or repairing your radiator on time will lengthen the lifespan of your engine. It will provide necessary lubricants to the water pump and will make sure that the overall performance of your car is top notch.
  2. If your radiator is functioning normally then it will protect the core heater which in turn will make sure that it won’t freeze during winter.
  3. A well functioning radiator will decrease the corrosion on your engine due to regular jolts and vibrations and help it keep your engine healthy.
  4. Regular repairing of your radiator will prevent any sort of deposition of dust and debris inside the pipe. Otherwise, these buildups might lead to serious radiator damage.


Choose the best radiator services for your car

Since there are lots of options and automobile repair shops around you it can be a tough as well as a confusing job to find the best shop that will repair your radiator problems properly, that too, within a reasonable price. If you need your car regularly then keeping it maintained and up to date is quite necessary. Getting to know a reliable and trustworthy mechanic is very important because at some point you are going to need car repairing services for something or other. Following are some tips that will help you find the suitable repair or replacement services:


  1. Ask for suggestions: The most convenient and reliable way to know about the best automobile repairing shops around you is to ask your friends and family who knows the place and have experience with some automobile repairs. You can always get the honest reviews and opinions from your closest members. So know about the best auto repair shop near you before you have a radiator related problem.
  2. Check your neighborhood for repair shops before it’s too late: It might so happen that one fine morning when you are about to leave for your office, your radiator is emitting smokes or your car won’t start at all. At this moment of despair, you might not be able to think properly and can take a wrong decision which you might end up regretting in the future. So, if you know beforehand the particular place to go for car radiator problems then it will save you a lot of time and hassle.
  3. Don’t choose a repair shop just because it is cheap: Of course, the expenses behind your car radiator are one of the main issues, but you need to know that to have a well-performed car, you need to spend the minimum amount of money. Choosing a shop just because it is cheaper than the others might cost you a fortune in the future because these kinds of the shop might be a fraudulent and don’t do how to do their job properly. Make sure you have chosen a professional who will take good care of your car.
  4. Check automobile repair shop reviews online: These days you can get honest reviews online as well. There are various sites that will provide experiences of the previous customers of the automobile repair shops that you are looking for. This way you will get a rough idea about which shop to choose.
  5. Always ask questions before you hand over your car: As a customer, you have every right to ask questions about the credentials, experiences, services offered, warranties etc. Always opt for those shops which provide their customers an extended warranty on car repairing. Also look guarantee of their work that they are providing. Ask about the various Automotive Service Certifications that they hold.
  6. Get a proper cost estimate: You can always ask for cost estimations when your vehicle needs to be repaired. Having a cost estimation before they start their work is always helpful and necessary. This kind of written document makes sure that the shop is not going to charge you extra or charge you for unnecessary spare parts. It acts as a proof of their diagnosis and gives you a rough idea about your expenditure.
  7. Understand your car problem first from the repair shop: Always make sure you ask the automobile repair shop about the problem or problems that your car is facing. It is the duty of every car repair shop to make their customer understand the problems of their own car. It also makes you understand later whether the shop has made some mistake with their problem diagnosis.
  8. Whether the shop is reliable: Just finding out a repair shop is not enough; it has to be reliable enough so that you can hand over your car with utmost trust. Their standard of work will make sure you have a safe drive and you do not have to face any inconveniences suddenly in the middle of nowhere just because your mechanic did not repair your car properly.
  9. The shop must have a convenient location: The automobile repair shop must be near the area where you live otherwise it can be really inconvenient for you to drive with faulty car hundreds of miles just to worsen the situation. You can always call a mechanic if you do not have the option of driving your car to the automobile repairing shop, but of course they will charge more.
  10. Compare the repairing price: When you are about to face some expensive car repairs or replacements then it is advisable to always ask around and then compare the prices of various shops. Besides price, the service and reputation of the shop also count.
  11. Look for a shop that concentrates on your car type: If you find an automobile repair shop that specializes in the model of the car that you own then you are quite lucky. There are shops that focus on some particular car models to increase the standard of their work. Needless to say, this will increase the chances of your car getting an even better service. These kinds of shops are even suitable if you have some major car repairing getting done.


Top 10 best radiator services in US

There are various automobile repair shops that have different kinds of specializations based upon the qualifications and experiences of the mechanics there. So it is always better to learn the names of two or three automobile shops in your vicinity to widen your options. You don’t know when your car might face what. Widening your options will increase the chances of your car getting better soon if it is in good hands.


Arizona Auto & Radiator Repair

Address: 1255 E Fry Blvd, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635, USA

Phone: +1 520-459-2216


Benefits provided to their customers:

  • They have experienced and friendly workers who will make you understand the problems that your car is facing.
  • They provide an affordable range to repair your car.
  • They also offer military discounts.


Auto Cool Radiator Services

Address: 10 Terhune Pl, Hackensack, NJ 07601, USA

Phone: +1 201-343-3099


Benefits provided to their customers:

  • Reasonable price.
  • Honest and hardworking staff.
  • The staff will also guide regarding your car care.


Dave’s Radiator Repair – Provo UT

Address: 373 E 900 S, Provo, UT 84606, USA

Phone: +1 801-375-7624


Benefits provided to their customers:

  • They have great customer service and support.
  • They offer services at quite a reasonable price.


Mac’s Automotive & Radiator Repair

Address: 13910 SW Tualatin Valley Hwy, Beaverton, OR 97005, USA

Phone: +1 503-646-2943


Benefits provided to their customers:

  • This shop is quite famous for doing suitable repairing jobs at the right price.
  • They have friendly and knowledgeable staffs that will help you in any way possible regarding your car problems.


B & M Radiator Service

Address: 42450 Blacow Rd, Fremont, CA 94539, USA

Phone: +1 510-440-8919


Benefits provided to their customers:

  • They provide good quality service that too at a fair price.
  • They will deliver you your repaired car on agreed upon time.


Tanners Radiator & Auto Air Conditioning

Address: 331 S 860 E #1, American Fork, UT 84003, USA

Phone: +1 801-492-1013


Benefits provided to their customers:

  • Their performance in car repairing services is quite good.
  • They have knowledgeable staffs who know what they are doing.


Douglas Radiator Works and Auto Repair

Address: 770 Meadowlark Ave, Myrtle Creek, OR 97457, USA

Phone: +1 541-863-6661


Benefits provided to their customers:

  • Their car servicing price is quite reasonable.
  • They provide quality work within no time.


Fred’s Radiator & Auto Repair

Address: 1726 Burnett Ave, Waco, TX 76706, USA

Phone: +1 254-756-1003


Benefits provided to their customers:

  • They provide quality service at cheap price.
  • They will give various options regarding the way of their repairing work.
  • They have staffs with good knowledge about cars.


Automotive Radiator Service Inc.

Address: 2416 Oak St, Bakersfield, CA 93301, USA

Phone: +1 661-324-6170


Benefits provided to their customers:

  • They show a good sense of business and customer relations.
  • They provide quite affordable services in the town.


ORR Radiator Service

Address: 2020 W 43rd Ave, Kansas City, KS 66103, USA

Phone: +1 913-236-8488


Benefits provided to their customers:

  • They provide reasonable price and quality work within time.
  • They have well-experienced mechanics.
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