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Free Advice On Brake Repair For Your Faulty Brake


Free Advice On Brake Repair For Your Faulty Brake


A brake is a very common and important part of a vehicle about which everyone is aware of. Brake is used to stop or to slow down a car when necessary while driving; if the brake of a vehicle does not function properly due to some reason then it might cause severe accidents and end up taking lives as well. So it is very important to take care of your car brake issues and never ignore any unusual behavior of the brake of your vehicle no matter how small it seems.

A small problem might lead to bigger issues and drastic accidents in the future. At some point, your life depends upon the brake of your vehicle. So you need to take good care of it and check out immediately if some problem arises with your car brake.

The brake of your vehicle consists of many small parts, with time and prolonged usage these parts corrode and wear out. This is quite normal; if you replace the corroded parts, your brake will again be good as new after necessary brake repair.



Some common brake problems that arise and its solutions:


1. When the traction control and the ABS lights are on

If the traction control light and the ABS lights of your vehicle turns on while driving then you first need to check the codes that causes these lights to turn on. There are various computer codes that are programmed to show these indications depending upon some signals obtained from the car itself. If there are bugs on these codes, then upon repairing it you will be able to understand the situation more clearly. Most automobile repair shops will be able to fix this problem for free.

Another reason for these lights to turn off or on randomly is may be due to some issues with the speed sensor of the wheel of your vehicle. In many cases, it has been seen that these sensors become faulty and the computer inside the vehicle becomes unable to read how fast the wheels of your vehicle is rotating. Due to this faulty sensor, the computer might turn off the traction control light and the ABS light until and unless the problem of the speed sensor of your car wheel is solved.

The ABD control unit and other wirings of the computer might also become faulty and cause these lights to turn on. If you have faced these kinds of light issues, then diagnose your brake problems immediately otherwise the problem will persist and might lead to something even bigger. In case of a speed sensor problem, it needs to be replaced, this is not much costly.


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2. When the pressure of the brake is not working properly

If while applying brakes the brake pad goes all the way to the floor of the vehicle then you have pressure problems on your brake. While replacing the brake line previously, some amount of air must have entered inside the brake line which is causing this problem.

To deal with this issue, it is advisable to bleed the brake line fluid completely. Start bleeding from the first one which is situated at the farthest distance from the master cylinder till the end. It’s better if someone observes the master cylinder constantly while this bleeding brake fluid is going on. Taking these precautions will ensure zero pressure problems with your brake in the future.


3. When the brake fluid is leaking

Brake fluid leakage might make your brake go all the way down to the floor of your vehicle and none of the situations is good. This might happen due to the leakage from a caliper piston seal. In that case, replacing the caliper off the brake and bleeding the brake fluids might solve this particular problem.

Another reason for this problem and a more likely one is a faulty brake hose. A brake hose breaks in those parts where the metal turns into rubber. In this case, you need the change the hose and then bleed the brake fluid. This should solve your brake fluid leakage issues.



4. When the brake light is on

The brake light being on even if the brake is not currently working is a very common brake problem. In this case, you should check whether your handbrake or the emergency brake is pulled up or not, if it is stuck on then of course the brake light will be turned on. Try to push it down after engaging it and see whether this affects the brake light signal. There would be no issue if the light signal remains off.

In case of problems like this, you need check something else as well, the switch residing above the brake pedal. If that particular switch is not functioning properly then that might also cause the brake light stay on. Ask someone to check the light while you pull the brake pedal up to check whether it is actually faulty or not.

If that is the case, then even if your brakes are working just fine the brake lights would still be on. In case of low master cylinder fluid level, there has to be a leakage and you need track down the leaking point of this fluid reservoir. You can also check the wheel cylinder or the caliper to look for any leakage. There has to be a leakage somewhere otherwise the master cylinder’s fluid level won’t be decreased just like that. Visit your nearest automobile shop immediately to find the source or sources of leakage and fix it by all means necessary.


5. When your vehicle shakes while you apply brakes for stopping

The main reason for your vehicle shaking while applying brakes can be vacuum leakage. These kinds of problem are quite common especially if one’s brake booster is leaking. These are the primary things to check in case of shaking.

After that, check the IAC and the throttle body of your vehicle. Make sure you clean these parts with good quality brake cleaner. Also, check the Mass Airflow Sensor and keep it clean as this kind of problem also occurs due to MAF. Apart from these, the injectors of your brake, ignition coils, and the Exhaust Gas Recirculation system might also be responsible for your car to shake while applying a brake.


6. When the brakes feel like they don’t move

In case of the brake staying on even after applying the brake, the cause of this might the master cylinder. A corroded brake hose might also be the problem. The Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) must also be checked in case of problems like this.

Check the brake fluid of your vehicle and make sure they in perfect condition for your car. If none of these tricks are helping, then you should visit an automobile shop if solve the problem.


7. When the brake makes noise when applied

Squeaking brakes is a very common brake problem. There can be many reasons which might cause this kind of squeaky brake problems. Low quality brake pads, old brake pads, rotors that are stuck somehow and needs to be turned, dust, and debris can be the main culprit of a noisy brake. There is a chance that this brake problem might arise after a car servicing or a brake repair of some sort.

Brake pads consist of metals in them. Some brands have more metals and some have less. The more metallic content your brake pad has, the more noise it will produce. In order to brake pads last longer, brake pad manufacturer adds metal to it to make it more durable. So, in order to make them durable, brake pads suffer from the side effect of squeaky noise. In cases like this, you should go back to the same shop and ask them to replace the brake pads.



8. Problems with a parking brake

Another car brake problem is the parking brake going all the way down to the floor and not holding the car. The main reason for this kind of problem might be corroded parking brake shoes or their adjustments are not appropriate.

It can be broken or loose due to prolonged usage. In that case, go under your car check this particular cable for any loose ends. Fixing this kind of brake problems should not cost must.


9. When the brake pedal goes all the down to the floor

The cause of this kind of brake problem as stated earlier is a leaking master cylinder. This happens in old cars upon prolonged usage. The seals of the master cylinder get corroded and become brittle which in turn causes leakage. If the master cylinder gets cracked somehow, it won’t be able to hold the fluid pressure inside anymore and cause leakage.

What’s more, this leakage happens completely at the internal portion of your car so you won’t be able to identify any leakage externally. Visit your mechanic to fix the broken seal of the master cylinder.


10. When the brake lines are coiled

The brake lines being coiled up between the master cylinder and the proportioning valve is a very common brake question asked by many. The reason for this brake lines being coiled is quite simple. Coils are added to the brakes of your car to make it even more flexible.

Usually, the master cylinder of a brake is situated on the firewall of the vehicle and the proportioning valve is bolted with this frame. The frame is attached with the body with rubber mounts which adds flexibility when you apply brakes suddenly.

If the brakes aren’t coiled, then the brake line will eventually get weak and break. On the other hand, if the brake line is coiled then the body of the car and the aforementioned frame will be able to move freely alongside each other.


11. When the brake pedal is stiff

In case of a stiff brake pedal, you need to check the brake booster of your vehicle. The main function of the brake booster is to move the brake pedal freely. The stiffness of the brake booster might be due to disconnected vacuum hose to the booster.

The problem of brake booster might also arise due to some defective repair work. If the problem persists then revisit your previous automobile shop to fix this problem.


12. When the brake pedal makes noise while pressing

This is a very common brake problem and there many reasons which might cause this inconvenient noise in your car brakes. In this case, the very first thing that you need to check is the caliper bolts and the slides. Make sure that they are tightened properly and that there are no loose ends.

After checking this, make sure that the shims of your car are properly installed and whether these shims are appropriate for your car model or not. The brake pad of your car comes with a shim. If the shims are not properly installed or the wrong shims are installed, then it could cause various brake problems.

Another reason for clattering brake medal is due to faulty rotors. If the rotors are not machined properly then it might make some noise while applying brakes. Take your car to an automobile shop and ask the mechanics about the reason for this noise, they might be able to verify the reason for this problem even faster.


13. When the car pulls towards a side while applying brakes

This problem might occur due to a bad hose problem or a caliper problem. It might so happen that one caliper of the brake is applying most or all of the pressure while the other one is unable to apply the required amount of pressure, which is causing a misbalance to your vehicle and pulling it at one side.

These kinds of brake problem might cause accidents and event dent the car body by colliding with something. In case of brake problems like this, visit a good mechanic nearby to fix it immediately.


14. When you get a burning smell while driving

If you are getting a burning smell, or a chemical like smell when you are applying brakes repeatedly or while driving on steep roads then it is may be due to overheated brake issues or even the clutch may be a reason for this. Stop your car your car immediately and check the parking brakes of your car at first. If it is working properly while releasing, then it is just fine.

Allow your breaks to cool down from the overheated condition. If you do not cool the brakes of your car down, then it might lead the brake fluid to boil up which in turn might cause brake failure while driving.

If there are smokes coming out of the vehicle, then it is not at all safe to continue driving anymore. Call a mechanic on spot and take your car servicing immediately.



What is a brake master cylinder and how does it work?


The brake master cylinder is situated in front of brake pedal under the hood. This master cylinder is responsible to generate the braking force when brakes are applied. This master cylinder controls the brakes of all the wheels of a vehicle simultaneously.

The master cylinder of a brake contains fluid that is passed under the high pressure to brake calipers when brakes are applied. This forces the brake pads to squeeze into brake rotor.

If the brake pedal goes all the way down to the floor it indicates that there are problems with the brake master cylinder. Problems might arise some air has accidentally entered the master cylinder or if the main cylinder has pressed air in the brake lines. Low fluid level of master cylinder indicates internal leakage.


Is it safe to drive a car with brake master cylinder problems?


Needless to say, it is not all safe to drive a vehicle with brake problems no matter how small they are. It might cause serious accidents if not repaired or serviced immediately. Visit the nearby automobile repair shop immediately if you notice any brake problems in your car.


How often should the master cylinder of a brake be replaced?


Replacing or repairing the master cylinder of a brake is quite common as it is the root of the majority brake problems. Most of the vehicles, if serviced and maintained regularly, might need a brake master cylinder replacement after every 125000 miles. It is mainly because there are almost no moving parts around the brake master cylinder.

Also, this master cylinder is sealed from air, dust and any other form of contamination from the outside world. In spite of that, you should check and service your brake regularly according to a particular schedule provided by your previous mechanic. If you follow this routine, you will hardly face any car brake problems.


What to check in case of brake master cylinder problems?


Master cylinders of brakes have two plungers and push fluid. If anyone of this fails, then either of the front or back brakes won’t work properly. If this is the case, then it will be quite difficult to stop your car perfectly while applying brakes.

It is not at all safe to drive your car in this condition; your car should only be towed to the nearest repair center and should only be driven again when your car’s brake problems are completely fixed. Using the wrong fluid or mixing various brake fluids and using it in the master cylinder will also cause severe brake problems.


Want to replace the brake master cylinder without professional help?


This is only possible if one has full knowledge about the hydraulically actuated systems. Various brake operation analysis and installations of various brake parts depend upon the knowledge of this particular topic.

If you do not have full knowledge about how brake works, its various components and the function of each individual component then there is no way you should make an attempt to fix any brake related issues of your car. It is best to consult a mechanic in that case, otherwise, you might end up damaging your car’s brake completely.


Cost estimation of car brake repairing of various car models in US


Cost estimation of repairing will vary from car to car. On an average, a various car brake parts replacement will cost you around $300 to $560. Let us check the cost estimates of car brake repairing of various models in US:

  • Cost estimation for Ford F-150: $185 to $380.
  • Cost estimation for Honda Accord: $296 to $447.
  • Cost estimation for Chevrolet Silverado 1500: $320 to $474.
  • Cost estimation for Honda Civic: $272 to $466.
  • Cost estimation for Toyota Corolla: $299 to $380.
  • Cost estimation for Nissan Altima: $220 to $467.
  • Cost estimation for Ford Explorer: $391 to $516.


Choose the best brake repair services


There are, probably, hundreds of automobile shops where you can go repair your car’s brake issues. But then not all shops are honest and will give the right analysis of your brake problems. Some might overcharge you, some might end up damaging the brakes of your car even more, and some might not give you the complete solution to your brake problems.

At this point, you are bound to get confused if there is no other mechanic whom you know beforehand. So, it is best to do some research by asking around or via internet before handing over your car to some new automobile repairing shop. This way, you will no longer be confused regarding where to go with your car having faulty brakes and what to do.


Following are tips regarding how to choose the suitable automobile repair shop for your car issues:


  • Ask for recommendations and suggestions: Your first step to finding the suitable automobile repair shop is to ask your close friends and family members. It is their suggestions and honest opinions which you will be able to trust. Depending upon their recommendation half of your headache will be gone in order to find a good automobile repair shop. You can also ask for suggestions online.


  • Ask your queries regarding the problems that you are facing with your vehicle: In order to understand whether a particular automobile repair shop is genuine or not you should ask various questions regarding the brake issues that you are facing and see whether they can provide clear and confident answers to your queries. Their solutions to your problems should be straightforward. Also, check how professional they are regarding their work. If you feel like they are providing honest answers, then you should go for it.


  • Following are some relevant questions that you might ask regarding your car’s brake related issues:
  1. What is the main reason for the particular brake problem that you are facing?
  2. What kinds of repairing does your car need to fix?
  3. Is there any specific brakes part that needs to be replaced in order to fix this problem? If yes, then which part?
  4. What is going to happen if this particular brake problem is ignored longer?


  • Check the certifications of the automobile repair shop: There are various automobile repair shops that provide repairing to their customer with state of the art equipment and mechanics with deep knowledge about any kinds of car issues. These kinds of shops are quite famous for their excellent customer service and are awarded many certificates for their good work. But then, there are shops that have backdated equipment’s and very less knowledge about car brake problems, this is the kind of shops that you need to avoid, because usually what happens is they don’t know what they are doing and might end upcharge you for some inappropriate repair works on your car.


  • If an automobile repair shop has the following certificates, then you should definitely go for it:
  1. Continued education in technical training.
  2. Any sort of aftermarket training.
  3. ASE ACDelco and ASP certification.
  4. Manufacturer’s certification from any car brand.


  • Ask for cost estimates before they start their repair work: Always ask for cost estimates before you hand over your car for some repair work. This way, a particular shop won’t be able to overcharge you and you will be able to get a rough idea regarding the kinds of repair works that your car is about to go through. You can obtain cost estimates from multiple automobile shops as possible and compare the estimates to understand which one is suitable for you. Choose the one which has offered you an honest estimate, you do not pay for some repair work which your car does not need.


  • Look for insured companies: Always play safe and hand over your car to an insured company, because insurance is quite important. Insurance has a major role to play in car repair works. Suppose something happens to the shop while your car was there at that moment. Then if the company is not insured then there is no way you are getting any compensation from them for your damaged car. If a mechanic dents your car accidentally then if the company is insured that particular damage will be covered by them. For many different reasons, an insured automobile repair shop is always the best option compared to an uninsured one.


  • Trust your guts: When you have to choose from a lot of automobile repair shops around you then always trust your instincts and make smart choices. Do not choose a shop just because it provided the cheapest cost estimate, choose a shop which is convenient location wise as well; you do not want to travel miles with a faulty brake. In the end, if the service provided by a particular automobile shop is satisfactory then stick with it.


  • Look for a repair shop that focuses on your car type: It is always good to find an automobile repair shop that specializes on the model of your car type. In that case, your car will be given special care.


Top 5 best brake repair services in US



Whitehead’s Auto Repair.

Contact: (757) 425-1999.


Benefits offered by them:

  • They provide well-experienced mechanics.
  • They provide honest and trustworthy analysis to your car problems.



U.S. automotive Inc.

Contact: +1 417-865-9511


Benefits provided by U.S. automotive Inc. to their customers are as follows:

  • They provide services within the scheduled time without any delay.
  • They have mechanics with good experience and knowledge.



USA Brake & Auto Repair.

Contact: +1 509-783-8863


Benefits provided by them are as follows:

  • They provide a fair price for any kind of repair work.
  • This is a family owned the place and provides authentic service.



Cornerstone Automotive.

Contact: +1 574-784-9096


Benefits provided by them are as follows:

  • They have staffs with a very good knowledge of mechanic work.
  • They provide top-notch work at a reasonable price.



European and US car service.

Contact: +1 773-248-1200


Benefits provided by them to their customer are as follows:

  • They provide good quality repair work.
  • Their working staffs are quite knowledgeable and well experienced.
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